Hannah (chrimson) wrote,

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the hill of despair.
how can i describe it?
could i describe it in the voices that screamed in the background?
or the colour of the clouds and the dirt and the sky?
it made an impact on my soul, the colours, the sounds, the stench of death.
was it a hell? was it limbo? or was it before time existed?
whatever it was, as i stood on that hill,
(and even now the memories of it fade)
i can still remember the sounds
and the sky
but most of all
i remember those voices
sobbing and groaning
as if they stroked my mind and left their mark


I don't think any place in the gaming world has made more of a mark on my mind. How many people have been there? Alright, everyone who has beaten FF9 has seen it. Did it leave an impression? it did on me, I know I am stupid, I mean, this place doesn't exist.

But it did make that lasting impression. Everlasting? Forever will these images, sights and sounds be stamped into my brAIN?

Wonder why the eff it made such an impression??

This Screenshot is of the characters lying on the hill...
This Screenshot is of the final boss (they are the exact people in my party too!)
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