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from the top to the bottom

sorry i haven't updated forEVER ^_^'' emah... >< sorry but i've been busy. and not particularly inspired. plus i have been earning the money for the ps2 that i plan to buy soon.

at the core i've forgotten

http://garnet.nu/garnet/multi/gallery/ending_/ig_e_01.jpg is a scary image o_o is it just me or does Garnet look uncannily like a monkey? seriously, that image scares the sh*t outta me. find it hard to believe that it is from FF9. looks like crap.

taken far from my safety

everytime I see you 3, i feel rejected. not angry, as you think, not sad, nor jealous. it's like you picked me up, threw me down, stepped on me and laughed as i died.

the pictures there

you were my friend. the facade is there, holding up. you, a perfect person, with all your brains, looks and personality. you act like you are so good. i try to be nice.

the memory won't escape me

i'll always remember. you insult my intellegence more each day. but i take in more than anyone knows.

...but why should i care?
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