Hannah (chrimson) wrote,

hi again everyone. not much to say. my life has been so boring lately. and I'm sick of making crummy layouts :\ ack. so I'm going to go back to basics. VERY BASIC BASICS. like, a picture and a table and some other stuff ^_^'' Lets face it, I have next to no design skills. *closes her brush window*

Netball today sucked. we were a draw, the ball was at our end, Monique going for a shot when the siren rang. ack! I was furious!! but I accepted defeat gracefully. Yay.

I also want to rename my site o_o I don't like glomp. It's been so hard for me to find a site name that I like and want to keep. I've been through... unh... whitestars, shattered chrimson, digital song, shattered, out of the ordinary, simplicity, the glomp network and glomp. ack... I daresay I'll change it this time. I want something simple, though... I want Hidden Potential, but a) that's too long and b) I want hidden-potential.net as my domain.

so I can think for awhile. I want something meaningful (to me) but simple, like one word or two short ones.

oh god, it's too complicated! But I'm not Glomp anymore... I just don't think it suits me as much as I would like. I want something short and sweet.
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